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Through the growth of LIGHTBOX, Thematics has had the opportunity to partner with a number of industry-leaders and distributors from various parts of the world. One particular partnership is with

Freestylers, a full service Stage Technologies production firm based in Hamburg, Germany.

They approached us with a prediction that LIGHTBOX could be very popular in Europe and offered to take our idea to another level around the world. To date they have succeeded beyond or wildest expectations.

To learn more about their company, to buy a LIGHTBOX in Europe, to see a demo anywhere on the continent or to learn more about Thomas Franke's LIGHTBOX Operating System click:

Other fruitful partnerships include:

PinPoint Fibreoptics

ColorKinetics / Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions


Cast Lighting (WYSIWYG)

Rosco (Horizon)

Barbizon Lighting Company

Production Advantage



Abrissa Glass

Visual Lighting Technologies


Phenix Automation

White Light (UK)

BMI Theatrical Supply