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an L.E.D and Fiber Optic Model Lighting Kit for any scaled theater.

LIGHTBOX is a revolutionary new tool that allows the user to actualize light in a scaled model and design in virtually any space. The user can see the effects of color, beam spread and angle, intensity and quality of the light, all in a controlled environment. Each LIGHTBOX is custom-designed to light a scaled representation of the space to be lit.

Containing parts from the most distinguished vendors of fiber optics and lighting instruments, LIGHTBOX creates a new language for light, with the ability to convert a conceptual idea into a concrete, visible thing that can speak for itself.


"My students loved using Lightbox in the classroom, both as a way of testing ideas and to make formal "light lab" presentations..." <read more from Stephan Quandt about his experience at Yale this Spring with a LIGHTBOX>

You can run your LIGHTBOX with your ETC "client" on your PC laptop for Ion, Eos, Congo or Congo Jr <read more>...

If you want to make your own gobos for LIGHTBOX you can do so easily from the Rosco website <read more>...

If you want to run your LIGHTBOX with your Strand Palette v10 from your laptop you can <read more>...

If you are looking for our offer of a FREE download version of the LIGHTBOX Operating System see

Download NEW 24pack dimmer per channel illuminators and the LIGHTBOX Operating System cut sheets for more information

ACTF and USITT season has been great, thanks to all we met and email us if you have any questions.

To learn more about LIGHTBOX, request a free informational kit. We will put in the mail a 15 min DVD detailing LIGHTBOX with interviews of directors and designers; a CDROM or hardcopy of our first catalog (incl PDFs); our successful grant narrative which is raising funds around the world supporting this idea; our current price list.

LIGHTBOX was conceived by a scenic and lighting designer. After being a student of lighting design, and then working with theatres and lighting studios in New York and London, he was struck by the fact that when creating a space:
· A scenic designer can build a scale model of the scenic elements in order to preview and improve them
· A costume designer can sketch the costumes and touch the fabric
· A sound designer has the CD player
…but there has never existed a way for the lighting designer to work along the same timeline and contribute to the design process while designing the lighting.

The existence of LIGHTBOX bridges this gap, bringing the light into the same time frame and level of progression as the rest of the elements. Once this realization occurred, it was an easy step to see all of the applications beyond the theatre where this could be relevant and useful.

"Having seen and played with LIGHTBOX, you wonder why this hasn't come up before…It's the perfect tool for every theatrical designer and director…The ability to experiment and create has never been more intuitive. This creation of Charles' allows me, as a designer, to talk to a director as we are trained to - with light."

-- Bobby Harrell, professional Lighting Designer

"Words are dangerous." - John Conklin

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