How to Hang and Circuit an Precision/Electric

This is a quick How will produce an 8 channle Electric of non-DMX channels of 19, 26 or 50 degree pinspots.  Please feel free to comment and SHARE any tips and tricks...and enjoy the light in a whole new scale! 

STEP ONE: Take the GANTOM Precision Alpha and bag of ROSCO gel filters out of the bag. 

2. Remove the screw terminal. 

3. Dump the ROSCO gels out. 

4. Take the gel frame ring off. 

5. Take the GANTOM Alpha yolk off. 

OPTIOAL STEP: At this point LIGHTBOX Designers often want to tick the extrusion with appropriate scale centers...the sidelight pipes (as delivered are 24" long and the overhead pipes are 34").  Pencil works best of the extrusion because it wipes off easily.

6. Attach C-clamp to Yolk by threading the M6 phillips, button-head screw thru the hole in the yolk and twist it in to the 20x20 BOSCH T-nut (part#______ if you need more).  Don't tighten it at this point because you want the BOSCH T-nut to rotate in the T-slot of the Electric.

7. Using a regular phillips head screwdriver, attach the yolk to the "pipe".  This can be an instance where you utilize all three t-slots of the extrusion in order to maintain your scale. The important thing for us is NOT the size of the fixtures themselves but the relative relationship between the emanation point of the light from the unit and the scenery and figurines in the architectural environment.  WHERE you are THROWING the light is more important than WHAT you are throwing it on...right?


Circuiting has two options:

9a. Gather all the ALPHAs together in to one channel;


9b. Wire them individually.   

Power has two options:

10a. Mean Well  


Blizzard of Oz lives @USITT16 in Salt Lake City

March 16-19, 2016 -- Salt Lake City, UT

Another chance to seeLIGHTBOX at its best.  The GANTOM Team is once again, assembling their B l i z z a r d  o f  O Z  L I G H T B O X and including new [DMX] Electrics [XL], controlled by an ETC Nomad and RC4 wireless dimming; it really doesn't get any better!  

If you would like a free gift, come to the Gantom Booth and pull up a bar stool...or click here. and type in the promo code USITT16 

Andi Lyons of UAlbany and Karin Rabe Vance weigh in on the greatest product at USITT15! 

Prague Quadrennial 2015

   Space Music Weather Politics ... What exactly does Food have to do with a Maker Space?


Space Music Weather Politics ... What exactly does Food have to do with a Maker Space?


I have had the pleasure of attending the PQ twice before in '03 and '11.  Michael Ramsuer brought my brother and I here for the Scenofest Stage with LIGHTBOX2; in '07, one of our associate designers, Ben Tevelow, brought our little fiber optic kits to light the Tower of Babel; in '11 I did workshops at the Lighting Commissions sessions.  Each experience was impactful to me as a scenographer, educator and LIGHTBOX collaborator. This time it is a whole new experience. 

My friendship with #Gantom lighting has blossomed in to a partnership. We are now in Prague with seven brand new ModelBOX frames and a line of little lights that are all LED fixtures. This has many ramifications, the greatest of which is power: a lot less of it is needed to give designers dimmer/channel control with little lights hung in scale-relative positions. This is Eco-responsible and cheaper. Win win for all of our collaborators. 

This year the festival seems eclectic. We are thrilled to be a part of it. 


LIGHTBOX on a boat in the Vlatava River:

At #pq2015 there have already been many wonderful opportunities. One of the best is a slot this coming Friday afternoon to have 5 #Gantom #LIGHTBOX systems on a sweet party boat just south of Collorado-Mansfeldsky on the banks near Rašínovo nábřeží 42, in between Palackého bridge and Želeniční bridge. We will discuss the history and development of our products and make sure there is time for you to play with a LIGHTBOX wIth all of the new Gantom LED fixtures, #ETCnomad and #luminaire control consoles. Please join us if you are in Prague Friday and if you are not please repost this invite so that anyone you know in PQ might see it. Thank you to Henk van der Geest and #lightspot at PQ!



Now things are really rolling!!!  Our second intern Sarah Schwartz arrived from Oregon and Landin Fusman, #Gantom 's Marketing Director extroidinare are both in Prague now and we hopped from one champagne party to another. From the U.S. NATIONAL EXHIBIT to the Kasekstan student exhibit, Gantom fixtures were employed beautifully and we got to spend time with some wonderful old friends. 

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This is a room of chairs (the iconic image of this year's festival). I particularly enjoy the projection directly on the gorgeous wall of the Collorado-Mansfeldsky Palace where the opening press conference was held.  

This is a room of chairs (the iconic image of this year's festival). I particularly enjoy the projection directly on the gorgeous wall of the Collorado-Mansfeldsky Palace where the opening press conference was held.  

Want some free gear for your PQ presentation?

We will be attending the Prague Quadrenial in a few weeks and hope to work with you.  If you are making a presentation, displaying a scale model or even performing live, we would like you to try out our our little lights.  GANTOM and LIGHTBOX have teamed up to attend the PQ with a team of lighting designers ready to help you light your work better and for the low cost of free.  The United States National Exhibit will be lit with all GANTOM fixtures, why not yours too?   

Please contact us thru our Method for Model Lighting FB Page or our website or just call Charles directly and let us know what kind of project you will be working on in Prague and let us know how we can help.

Wikipedia entry!

This is SO cool!  Someone included LIGHTBOX in the Lighting Design entry on Wikipedia!  

Is it geeky of us to love that?

Color shifting


Often when we are displaying a LIGHTBOX, the scenery we put inside is intended to attract attention, give an example of a set design but try to shift the imagination towards what YOU COULD DO with a LIGHTBOX. 


This past weekend I was honored to attend LDI and present a LIGHTBOX at the Darklight booth. The night before I flew out to Vegas I decided to make a new model to put inside. I guess I thought I had time so I might as well. But really the impulse was related to video and color.


The show business industry has evolved in the last five years to the extent that two design elements are now a given: imaging, moving and still; and RGB LEDs.  LIGHTBOX is a prime way to explore these new tools for designers. 


And Gantom (formerly Darklight) has these sweet little RGBW LED wash fixtures that are DMX and 12v easier than anything I have seen before and I was dreaming about how to best show them off.  


As you can tell from the picture above, I figured it out. I built a cut drop Cyc and slipped my iPad in the back of the poster board. Then I hung one of the GANTOM fixtures on the stage left and right high sidelight pipes. Then I daisy chained the DMX using an 1/8th inch headphone extender cable and started writing light cues. 


All in all it took me 3-5 hours.  Oh I forgot to mention, that includes the time it took to download some video backgrounds on to my iPad. I love I pulled a half a dozen clips in to IMOVIE on the iPad, put them in a sequence on my timeline, made them each really long and slow motion and played the slideshow. 

And for the set design I knew I wanted something colorful to illuminate the capabilities of the RGB fixtures. So I banged out three flat cut drops of super sized flowers in bright red and orange leaves with blue centers and green trunks. I outlined them in a heavy black sharpie and packed up for the show. 


The thing I noticed this morning was how washed out the colors were. Steve Shelley made fun of the set on the show floor and I joked that it was Tennessee Williams' NIGHT OF THE IGUANA (he didn't think that justified the poster board that had warped and fell over...oh well). But to learn, so quickly, in scale, what the RGB additive color mixing would do to the scenery was awesome nonetheless. 

Steve may be right but so was LIGHTBOX. Observe in the picture the downstage proscenium flowers. They are a true representation of the painted scenery renderings. They are lit by the work light on the show floor because they are applied to the front of the ModelBOX.  

And observe the upstage border of flowers. They are scenic painted the same way but look totally washed out by the red wash light from stage right. If I saw our lighting designer for my imaginary production of IGUANA pumping those to such a high level in the model I would definitely be able to explain what needed to happen before we began cueing in the full scale theater. I'm sure the director would too. 

Really interesting. Thanks to Darklight for the opportunity to put up another LIGHTBOX and see the light in a whole new scale. 


LIGHTBOX is excited to announce a new company of little lights in our product line. We have known for awhile that RGB LEDs were the wave of the present. Now we know that the fixtures by GANTOM (formerly DARKLIGHT) are the perfect complement to our PINPOINT Fiberoptic little lights.  They give us the great advantage of broad color wash light to accompany that sharp focus spotlight that we have always had. This is a combination that bridges the gap between stage and studio and gives us all a new language for light. 

And it makes it cheaper. 

We have made a table top kit for $1,775.00 that you can see weekend at LDI. If you are in Vegas and want to buy one, text Charles at 917.453.4762 and we will ship one home for you!  

See the light in true 3D.