How to Hang and Circuit an Precision/Electric

This is a quick How will produce an 8 channle Electric of non-DMX channels of 19, 26 or 50 degree pinspots.  Please feel free to comment and SHARE any tips and tricks...and enjoy the light in a whole new scale! 

STEP ONE: Take the GANTOM Precision Alpha and bag of ROSCO gel filters out of the bag. 

2. Remove the screw terminal. 

3. Dump the ROSCO gels out. 

4. Take the gel frame ring off. 

5. Take the GANTOM Alpha yolk off. 

OPTIOAL STEP: At this point LIGHTBOX Designers often want to tick the extrusion with appropriate scale centers...the sidelight pipes (as delivered are 24" long and the overhead pipes are 34").  Pencil works best of the extrusion because it wipes off easily.

6. Attach C-clamp to Yolk by threading the M6 phillips, button-head screw thru the hole in the yolk and twist it in to the 20x20 BOSCH T-nut (part#______ if you need more).  Don't tighten it at this point because you want the BOSCH T-nut to rotate in the T-slot of the Electric.

7. Using a regular phillips head screwdriver, attach the yolk to the "pipe".  This can be an instance where you utilize all three t-slots of the extrusion in order to maintain your scale. The important thing for us is NOT the size of the fixtures themselves but the relative relationship between the emanation point of the light from the unit and the scenery and figurines in the architectural environment.  WHERE you are THROWING the light is more important than WHAT you are throwing it on...right?


Circuiting has two options:

9a. Gather all the ALPHAs together in to one channel;


9b. Wire them individually.   

Power has two options:

10a. Mean Well